90% of the questions sent to our customer services team by email are answered on this page. For ease of use, we’ve categorised them for you.


Registered Disabled Blue Badge Holders

The towns main car park in the Harbour Square has disabled blue bage holder only spaces located as close to the public toilets as possible.

Accessible Toilets

The towns main public toilets are located very close to disabled car parking spaces and have a seperate accessible toilet locked with the RADAR key scheme.


Due to our festival being held in a variety of venues we cannot guarantee that all venues will be accessible for disabled people. Although we try our best it ultimately comes down the the venue owners responsibity to make sure that their venue is accessibility friendly.  We'll try to update this as the festival nears but please do contact us if you would like to know more.



DO NOT touch or move any lights. Lights become very hot and while every precuation is taken to stop people from being able to touch or move them, it comes down to trusting people to be sensible.


Lights have high power electrical cables running between them, DO NOT touch or move any cable! There will be power points and power distribution boxes all over the town, these will be made clear and warnings put in place however if you see anyone tampering with any electical equipment please tell them to stop as they are endangering them self and contact us immediately!

Road closures, Parking restrictions, Barriers

Although we try not to obstruct the public as much as possible, to keep everyone safe we will have to barrier off some areas. If you see any barriers around the town, these are not to inconvenience you, they are there to protect you from being hurt, so please DO NOT bypass them! Temporary road closures and parking restrictions may be in place around the town so please plan with caution and expect some delays.

Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy

Main venue light shows have a very high chance of containing strobing and fast moving light effects! While no single source of lighting elsewhere regularly strobes at high frequency, the volume of light fixtures on site could raise the frequency of light flashes and strobing across multiple sources to a level where it may be considered unsafe for people who are affected by photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Smoke and Special Effects

At some venues, especially main light shows, there is a high chance that smoke, fog, wind, bubble, snow or other special effects may be in use. If you have any concerns regarding special effects usage please contact us!